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This web site was last updated on 28th February 2021


Hilton Hall Community Centre is still closed

due to Covid-19 National Government Lock-down measures

but our Volunteers are still working hard to maintain and repair

Hilton Hall in readiness for when we can re-open.


The following photographs show the latest maintenance and repair work at Hilton Hall

carried-out on Saturday 27th February 2021 by our Socially-Distanced Volunteers.




Roof repairs (above) and Football Playing Fields being 'Rolled' (photo to the left), trying to get everything ready for when we can re-open.


We are looking forward to being able to let you all know when Hilton Hall is once more open to the Public & Local Community.


So, as soon as we get the go-ahead by the UK Government that the latest national restrictions have been lifted we can open up again.  We have maintained contact with many of our Hirers and Community Groups who have also expressed their eagerness to return to running their classes & clubs from Hilton Hall again.


Just to let you all know, that all through the UK Lock-down our HHCA Management and Support Team have been regularly maintaining, repairing and cleaning Hilton Hall on a regular Rota basis.  We have been able to carry-out this vital function (i.e. checking the heating and emergency equipment, carrying out necessary repairs and ensuring the building is secure each and every week) and have managed to achieve all of this whilst still adhering to strict Covid social distancing policies and procedures.


Also; All of the Outdoor Community Areas have been well maintained all through this pandemic period (right from the March 2020 Lock-down to this present time) our team of Volunteers have been busy maintaining the Playing Fields and Football Pitches each and every month, ensuring the Playing Fields and community open spaces are in excellent condition for all to enjoy and benefit from.  The Team of unpaid Volunteers, led by Denis & Michelle Robinson have worked tirelessly cutting the grass, seeding the football pitches and regularly marking-up the Pitches - keeping-up and maintaining the integrity of the Pitch and adjoining Fields - again for the benefit of ALL of our visitor.


I am pleased to report that all through these crazy times the BMX Track has proven to be as popular as ever and really well supported by all ages (& levels of rider ability).  It is still very much used by professional BMX Riders as well as literally hundreds of youngsters throughout the year and it is great to see so many & varied people using the Track like they do (just like it was planned for and expected).

Hilton Hall BMX Track = Great Result.


Just for those who may not have visited Hilton Hall BMX Practice Track before, this is an 'Open & Free to Ride Track'.  But please be aware, we advise all riders and visitors using this Track to be ever vigilant and most 'Covid-Conscious' of ALL Social Distancing and please. please Strictly follow ALL UK Government Covid Health & Safety Guidelines, and enjoy this great facility in safety.



STATEMENT: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)  dated 17th MARCH 2020. 

The Management Committee of Hilton Hall Community Association have been closely monitoring the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation and are following the Government's Department of Health & Social Care and Public Health England latest guidelines & recommendations concerning Social Distancing and issues of Self-isolation with regards public gatherings and meetings.

Because the safety and well being of all of our volunteers and members of the public who attend Hilton Hall Community Centre is of the utmost importance to us, and our responsibility towards Duty of Care we have taken the decision to close Hilton Hall from tomorrow (Wednesday 18th March 2020) until further notice.

We wish everyone well during this very difficult time and hope to see you all back when things improve and some sort of normality returns again.  The Hilton Hall management committee & volunteers “Thank You All” for your patience and continued support in this matter.

We will of course contact all of our regular community groups & clubs of our future opening plans as well as putting regular updates on this web site page at:


a b o u t   u s

Hilton Hall Community Association is a Company Limited by Guarantee without Share Capital, registered in England.  HHCA was set up with the sole aim of 'Saving Hilton Hall' from permanent closure and to secure its place in the community for future generations to enjoy.

We did not want to see this fabulous building demolished and gone forever, hence our RESCUE PLAN was 'Launched' to 'Save' Hilton Hall of Lanesfield.


We operate as a not-for-profit community based social enterprise as a Community Association with 'Charitable aims, working to provide services and facilities for community use (much as before the Hall closed in October 2008) for the benefit of local community groups and sports clubs to provide opportunities for the social, educational, and recreational needs and wellbeing of local people.  This is reflected in Article 3 of our Constitution (below).


Article 3.1 of our Memorandum of Association states our Objects as:

". . . to further or benefit the residents of Lanesfield and the neighbourhood without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or political, religious or other opinions, by associating together the said residents and the local authorities, voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for sport recreation and leisure time occupation with the objective of improving the conditions of life for the residents . . . "


We are totally self funded and self-sufficient with All of the revenue generated from the hire of Hilton Hall & facilities going directly back into Hilton Hall Community Association to pay for the upkeep, overheads, management and repairs needed to keep Hilton Hall open and operational.  We are Not Funded by the Government or Local Authority, therefore; Hilton Hall is NOT a financial burden to Tax Payers as ALL Funding and Income comes into Hilton Hall is generated by the Hilton Hall Community Association Directors / Management Team and Volunteers. 


A bi-product of our actions (i.e. Saving Hilton Hall from closure and Repairing & Refurbishing Hilton Hall as unpaid Volunteers) has provided an excellent working example of what the UK Government referred to as the 'Big Society' (although we did 'this' well before the Government 'Coined' the phrase "The Big Society").   In the first year alone the three unpaid Directors put in an amazing 10,000 Hours of Volunteered work in 'Refurbishing & Repairing' Hilton Hall.  And again, in the second year the three unpaid Directors put in a further 10,000 Hours of Volunteered work in order to get Hilton Hall 'Open' once more.


How we went about 'Saving Hilton Hall from permanent closure:  First of all we organised and led several community consultation meetings to discuss the future of Hilton Hall (from July 2008 to early 2009).  A series meetings was arranged with senior members of the City of Wolverhampton Council to negotiate the terms of a service level agreement (our Lease).  We finally came to an agreement with the Property Management Team, helped along by our local Ward Councillors to take on a long-term repairing lease.


Immediately upon receiving our Signed Lease (received 4th June 2009) our Team of Volunteers set about the first repair job promptly on the morning of 4th June 2009 at Hilton Hall.   We put forward a 'Five Year Business & Works Schedule Plan' and outlined what work we expected would be completed within this five-year period.  The jobs we couldn't manage (electrical and gas installations) was completed by Sponsors and Suppliers who provided their expertise, materials and labour to help us achieve our goal.  We also actively sourced external 'Funding' to pay for larger items and projects that we couldn't manage ourselves.


The Directors and Project Management Team of HHCA have worked tirelessly since June 2009 (as unpaid volunteers renovating, repairing and maintaining Hilton Hall), helped and encouragement along the way by friends, family and various volunteers.  As already stated above, all funds raised from Lettings, Hall Hire Charges, Donations and Grants go directly back-into Hilton Hall Community Association to pay for the upkeep, overheads, repairs and all outgoing expenses and materials needed to keep Hilton Hall open.


The aim of this web site:  is to provide a vehicle to promote and raise public awareness of all issues relating to Hilton Hall Community Centre and Hilton Hall Playing Fields.  But also, to express our gratitude and publicly "Thank" our Funders, Sponsors, Suppliers & Volunteers for Their Efforts and Worth and to show / illustrate how their involvement and sponsorship has contributed the the overall success of this unique Community Project.  This web site also offers a point of contact for our local community (details below).


Contact Us by Post at: Hilton Hall Community Association, Hilton Hall Community Centre, Hilton Road,

Lanesfield, Wolverhampton,WV4 6DR, West Midlands, UK

Contact Us Email at:  &/or Telephone: 07765709716


Hilton Hall Community Association is a Company Limited by Guarantee without Share Capital.  Registered in England. Company Registration No.6838077

Registered UK Address: Hilton Hall Community Centre, Hilton Road, Lanesfield, Wolverhampton, WV4 6DR, West Midlands, UK

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These two photos set side-by-side are both 180 degree iPhone 'Pano' images spliced together showing two views of our Main Hall